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    Love for nature and deep-rooted agrarian tradition – that’s the essence of the Baltic people. Naturamer carries itself with the same mindset in the laboratory. This company crafts natural, sustainable, and crop-friendly micronutrient fertilizers in a country, where love for the land, crops, and agriculture passes through different generations.

    We proudly craft, manufacture, and operate right here in Lithuania. Following the tradition of our ancestors, we produce solutions for a healthy, sustainable, and efficient way of agriculture. The micronutrient fertilizers we produce ensure a high crop yield while maintaining a completely natural ecosystem on the soil.

    Our goal is simple. We seek to provide farmers a stress-free way to enrich their crops with natural elements, necessary for a healthy and vast yield. Naturamer is building a pathway to the future of both ecologically and economically sustainable farming.


    Suspension product

    We craft micronutrient fertilizers individually for each customer. Following this approach, we avoid one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we can provide a tailor-made solution for our customers.

    After we have carefully examined the client’s needs, we set our laboratory in motion. Our team of experts begins crafting precisely formulated fertilizers, optimizing crop yield and quality. Naturamer follows a strict procedure and maintains each client’s formulas private, not allowing them to be used by third parties.

    After tailoring the micronutrient fertilizer formula, we offer a range of packaging options for our clients. We can accommodate volumes from 5 up to 1000 liters. Each client can receive their crafted fertilizer in a desired package.

    Safety & Quality

    To ensure that our products are sustainable, we must prioritize safety & quality. Indiscriminately of the product, we follow strict guidelines for customer satisfaction and protection of the environment.

    The Naturamer laboratory stands as the core of our operations. There we formulate innovative products and craft individual fertilizer formulas for our customers.

    Our team consists of young-spirited, yet experienced chemists. They dedicate themselves to creating recipes based on the evolving requirements of the market. With over 15 years of experience, our team has successfully built upon past recipes and keeps continuously introducing new and efficient solutions to the market.

    Moreover, the laboratory focuses on enhancing existing products and customer formulas by conducting rigorous tests. Our laboratory is the hallmark of dedication toward excellence.

    Partners & Clients

    Naturamer is a known supplier among brands, such as BASF, Syngenta, Croda, Dow, Cosaco, Agrokoncernas, Baltic AGRO, IMLITEX, and many other agricultural brands or fertilizer traders. Through our ability to provide valuable and efficient solutions, we have managed to forge meaningful commercial relationships with these clients.



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